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Portugal car Hire Algarve Getaway at Faro airport

In 2012, the chances are that the UK media will be full of stories about the London Olympics.

And while many people will be extremely excited about the festival of sport that’s about to hit our shores, many others will be eager to get away for a week or two, just to escape from the hype that will accompany the action from the stadium and all the other venues.

The prospect of a little rest and recuperation on a sun-kissed beach is one that appeals to many, and with the proliferation of cheap flights to the Algarve at the moment it’s easy to get away before, during and after the Olympics. Keep Up To Date in Warmer Climes

A significant proportion of visitors to Portugal return year after year because they know they will always receive a very warm welcome.

With the increase of cable and satellite television broadcasts, and of course the easy availability of the Internet, you can still keep up with all the news from home, sporting or otherwise, so there’s never any need to feel completely cut off. Most hotels and bars have wi-fi facilities for those who need to stay in touch, and for most of us it’s just enough to know we have the choice.

A flight to the Algarve from London takes around 2.5 hours, so it’s not a stressful journey. The main airport for the area is Faro, and the beaches and resorts are just a short drive from there. If you’ve never been before, make 2012 (or even 2011) the year you finally get to this stunning region.

source: portugal-travel-tips.co.uk

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