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Cascais Town Hall aims to attract visitors to the city’s historic centre with the creation of a guesthouse for young people and the installation of tourism and leisure businesses in that area.

Having bought the only property in Praça 5 de Outubro in the city’s historic centre that wasn’t in its possession, Cascais Town Hall now owns all of the buildings in that location.

“This allows us to make downtown Cascais more attractive and that will include the creation of a guesthouse for young people as well as giving tourism and leisure companies the opportunity to open businesses there,” said Mayor Carlos Carreiras.

The Parsi guesthouse was recently bought for €400,000, adding to the council’s existing buildings including the town hall, the clock building, the former fire station, the Tardoz building and the glazier.

The former PSP police station along Rua Afonso Sanches, which runs perpendicular to Praça 5 de Outubro also now belongs to the town hall.

Some municipal services are located in these buildings, which according to Carlos Carreiras will be moved to other locations so as to “promote the regeneration and revitalisation of the downtown area.”

The mayor hopes these ideas will help to bring more visitors to the city centre and revitalise the traditional shopping area.

source: theportugalnews